Integrated Key Management Systems


Monitor keys and assets from one interface


proxSafe Key Management Solutions provide incredibly effective security, especially when tightly integrated with the C•CURE 9000 access control system.

The integration allows security operators to assign access to assets such as weapons cabinets, vehicle keys, or specific rooms, based on C•CURE clearance assignments.

Visibility is

the Key


  • Ideal for managing access for contractors, part-time, or temporary workers

  • Manage physical key access to rooms, radios, weapons, vehicles, and other assets

  • All events managed in C•CURE interface

  • Reduces cost of deploying electronic access control on every door

  • All events and alarms stored in C•CURE journal




The key management system at this research facility has very high usage – accessed by dozens of maintenance and housekeeping crews as well as other contractors needed to keep things running smoothly. 

Managing the location of those keys at any time is one more piece of the intricate security puzzle that keeps the facility running at maximum efficiency. Read the case study here.

Integrated Key Management Solution