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Professional Engineering Services

Create your Masterpiece

There’s a special expertise required when working with the complex relationship between networks, systems, and data. Knowing one application or system well is only a small part of the equation; at NMS we understand how all of the moving parts affect the greater picture.

We have a knack for visualizing every action’s reaction, and turning complicated business problems into security works of art.

Professional Engineering Capabilities:


  • Expand and customize core access control products to ‘do more’

  • Replicate critical data between systems

  • Migrate data from one system to another (even from different manufacturers)

  • Integrate systems: 

    • access control and intrusion

    • video

    • biometrics

    • wireless access

    • visitor management

    • credential management

    • building management

    • intercom

  • Create custom solutions that solve complex security and business challenges

Our Capabilities

Marketing & Communications

Turn Prospects into Groupies

Large or small, every business has a unique story to tell.  Our fully integrated marketing programs are tailored to effectively communicate what makes you special to your customers and prospects.

Whether it’s a public relations campaign, a product video, a brochure, or a fully integrated program, our grassroots approach will help you achieve your goals and create enthusiastic business ambassadors.

Marketing & Communications Capabilities:


  • End to end campaign strategy and program execution

  • Brand definition and articulation

  • Internal communications including employee newsletters and executive presentations

  • Collateral design and copywriting including brochures, videos, presentations, white papers

  • Sales incentive program development

  • Tradeshow and event management

  • Case studies, white papers, articles

  • Blogging, social media campaigns

  • Advertising and Public Relations

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