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If You Can Describe It,

We Can Do It

Whether you're an end user looking to move from one access control system to another, an enterprise security director seeking central security management, or a government contractor trying to make your PACS integrate with a biometric device, NMS has seen - and done - it all.


Consider Us Integration Gurus

Regarded as one of the premier integration partners for many leading access control manufacturers, NMS maximizes a system’s SDK or external applications and services to create highly effective integrated solutions that meet unique business requirements.

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System Migrations

Let Us Pave Your Path to Success

For most companies, data is their most valuable asset. And when you are migrating from one system to another, it is critical to ensure that data is protected.

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Add-In Utilities

Adding Pop to Power

We harness the power of your access control system and create inventive ways for you to do more and get more…with a little pizzazz.

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Custom Solutions

Like Snowflakes and Personalities

If integrations and migrations are the cornerstones of New Market Solutions, custom solution development is the elaborate finish work. 

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