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Adding Pop

to Power

We harness the power of your access control system and create inventive ways for you to do more and get more…with a little pizzazz.

Start with an industry-leading security solution, sprinkle in a dash of unique system understanding, and top it all off with an uncanny ability to solve complex challenges.



Create roles that are defined by the privileges, application layouts and operators who can use them.



Better manage personnel records marked as disabled and credentials marked lost, disabled, stolen, or expired.

Role Assignment

With NMS Role Assignment for C·CURE 9000, you can create an unlimited number of roles, and simply assign them to the appropriate operators … much more efficient than manually building and adjusting those settings each day.
In a large site with thousands of cardholders who may have full perimeter access, personnel records that have been marked as disabled have typically remained within the iSTAR controller’s memory, clogging valuable space. 

Personnel Management

Pers Mgmt
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