Housing/Booking Systems


Real-time updates for a secure campus


StarRez is a comprehensive student housing solution that many universities use for online housing applications, room booking, and other administrative functions.

To streamline the provisioning of cards and ensure the security of students, staff, and visitors, NMS developed an integration between StarRez and C·CURE 9000. This integration significantly reduces redundant data entry which can lead to errors and delays in providing approved access.

Streamlined provisioning of access control cards


  • Real-time updates between StarRez and C•CURE 9000

  • Compatible with C•CURE 9000 2.4 and higher

  • Easily handles lost/stolen cards or room changes

  • Reduces duplicate, error-prone data entry




When a student or faculty member requests a room booking, authorized personnel simply enter their contact information and select the desired room and dates in the StarRez system. 

They associate a ‘card’ and unique ID, and C·CURE provisions the correct clearances and verifies that the transaction has been completed. The requestor is issued an access card that grants entry to the approved rooms.

Integrated Room Booking Solution