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Integrated Biometric Solutions


Reliably confirm identity to ensure security


Higher security.

One interface.

New Market Solutions employs two distinct approaches to integrating access control systems with biometric solutions, dependent on the PACS SDK capabilities.


Embedded in the PACS

Access control systems such as C•CURE 9000 allow integrations to be built directly into the interface, providing security professionals with an incredibly convenient way to manage all personnel in one place.


Some access control systems offer SDKs that maintain a degree of separation between the PACS and integrated applications. NMS manages this approach by utilizing the StoneLock Management System with access control manufacturers including AMAG, Lenel, Honeywell, and Genetec.


  • Convenient way to manage all personnel, whether StoneLock Pro users or C•CURE 9000 users

  • Using C•CURE 9000, create a StoneLock Pro user within a personnel record

  • Capture facial data remotely from any StoneLock Pro device within the network

  • Software House Connected Partner Program certified





This research facility enforces strict “clean room” rules with an integrated StoneLock and C•CURE solution.

The system protects the valuable lab equipment but, more importantly, ensures that only trained personnel access the facility to eliminate risk of contamination. Read the case study.

Integrated Biometric Solution for Life Safety

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