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Busy Port Utilizes Credential Lane Management System


Monitoring the comings and goings of the hundreds of trucks that pull into this busy port is daunting, to say the least. Add to that the complex requirement of ensuring each driver is held accountable for the load he drives onto the port. The security office desperately needed a solution that helped them easily connect a driver to his/her truck at both the entrance and egress points.



New Market Solutions  recommended a solution that would integrate the various pieces of equipment needed to pull off this complex matching system:  license plate reader, drivers' license scanner, access control system.  By having each piece talk to each other in a closed-loop qualification process, the security staff knows who is on the port at any given moment.



The solution, Credential Lane Management, is now implemented across this massive port. Anywhere up to 500 trucks enter this port daily, and the security personnel are able to ensure that each driver is matched to the truck he drives onto the port. This drastically improves security in an important part of the city's infrastructure.

Solution Briefs

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