Alarm Transmitters/Receivers


Adds a layer of protection in challenging areas


Inovonics transmitters and receivers provide an extra layer of security in hard-to-wire environments and can save thousands of dollars in installation costs.

The integration with C·CURE 9000 allows security personnel to manage all alarms generated by Inovonics devices through the C·CURE 9000 interface.

Manage all mission-critical alarms from one interface.


  • Adds a layer of protection in challenging places

  • Reduces installation time and costs of trenching 

  • All events managed in C·CURE user interface and all activity logged in C·CURE journal

  • Real time annunciation of alarms for faster response times

  • Ideal for museums, parking garages, VIP entrances, construction sites, etc. 




With millions - sometimes billions - of dollars worth of priceless artifacts and artwork at any given time, museums can present one of the most complex security challenges imaginable.

Offering open access to thousands of people while ensuring impenetrable security requires the most tightly integrated security solution available.

Protecting priceless exhibits